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pruning and cleaning.

gonna start using lj more again.

got these emotions building up, gotta vent someplace.
kinda funny that one of the reasons that i'm here is that i didnt vent.
stupid semi-irony.

likely will make friends only the default.

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yeah... saturday is gonna suck. hard. long and hard.

i think i might stay up through thursday night, push through working on friday, and see if i cant just sleep through all day saturday.

dont really want to see all the happy people, only gonna make it worse.

theres always sleeping pills or something, i got to know someone i can score a valium off of.

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(22:40:43) stev: the same quests though just in differing amounts
(22:41:34) stev: like a security agent might be 80/20/30 kill/deliver/fetch
(22:42:22) stev: not exact seeing as how that adds up to 130%
(22:42:45) fzy: fetch me a dead person?
(22:42:47) stev: but you know what i am saying
(22:42:52) fzy: deliver this death?

cali: day 5 - tea party

had a bad nosebleed in the morning, wouldnt clot for almost an hour (i assume thats bad?), lost quite a bit of blood, not sure how much, was in shower, so it wasnt way to keep track.

went to go to lunch with guys, and it might have been the walk, or the noon days sun+heat (record high someone said) but i could feel the clots start blow/tear in my nose (and head start spin), so i split off, went back to apartment. didnt make it back in, ruined a shirt.

washed up, laid down for a bit, left to go back to office, grabbed quiznos on way back.

got a bunch of work done today.

got to talk to my boss finally, was fun and exciting. talked about him. talked about me. talked about the work i'm doing. talked about the city, and what to do this weekend. great guy, great company. i'm really looking forward to where the future takes me with this company.

but i have to say, this was the highlight of my day was this